I want to thank God for answered prayers. After a testimony that was read in church about someone who sowed an offering and believed God for a visa for someone else back home, I responded by doing exactly the same thing in faith. As a result seven of my friends and family were called for interviews at the immigration office. To the glory of God, all with the exception of one were all approved.


I would like to thank God for granting my friend a job. She graduated from college last year and had been searching for employment for a while. She was even willing to settle for any position just to get some income; so she began to apply for babysitting positions. The homeowner of one of the babysitting positions she applied for called her back and told her that he would like to interview her for a management position at his company. By the massive favor of God, she was offered the position.
Thank God for favor.


I am finally graduating after some hurdles that God helped me jump over, and I am beyond excited. I also received promotion at work. I have switched over completely into my new role on a tentative schedule. A new permanent schedule will be given later allowing more time for me to work in my ministry. I shall be a lot more active in spreading KingsWord everywhere! My massive season is indeed here. Glory to God!