Spiritual Development
Supernatural Identity
Faith Dynamics
Redemption Realities
The Blood Covenant
New Testament Prayer Order
Spiritual Gifts
Ministry Gifts: The Five-fold & Help Ministries
The Healing Anointing
Supernatural Evangelism
Essentials of Signs & Wonders
Dynamics of Leadership


In addition, certificate programs will be offered in:


(1) KingsWord Bible Academy (KBA).

KBA is focused on in-depth teachings on basic Christian doctrines. The program will provide the foundation necessary for believers to live victorious Christian lives and walk the path that God has ordained for them. Truths of God’s word will be communicated in a simple and practical way, with the use of modern technologies. The program includes courses in Word Foundation, Faith, Prayer, Holy Spirit, Kingdom Finances, the Blessing, the Kingdom of God and Eschatology.


(2) KingsWord Ministerial Academy (KMA).

KMA is a program for believers who are committed to active service in God’s Kingdom especially those called to five-fold ministry (Apostles, prophets, pastors, evangelists & teachers). The program is designed to equip students with the knowledge and tools to be an effective minister. The courses are structured to help students find and develop their calling and purpose in God. . The program includes courses such as Supernatural, The Ministry gifts, Healing, Evangelism & Missions etc.
Participation in this program is not restricted to people called into five-fold ministry but rather is for everyone that desires to serve God effectively in any capacity.


(3) KingsWord Leadership Academy (KLA).

KLA program is a leadership development program that will empower believers with Biblical principles on leadership both in ministry and in the market place. Students will be equipped with the training that will enable them to excel in areas of life. The program includes courses in Purpose & Destiny, Excellence, Character, Leadership Skills, Entrepreneurship and Organizational Management.